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A Shiny Session consists of a 1-hour virtual or in person meeting with our lead designer. During that time we can advise on any questions you may have, including paint colors, floor plans, furnishings and where to find what you need. This is helpful if your project doesn't have the budget for a full time designer but you still need a professional opinion. 



Receive a full room design with our Shiny Board offering. Following a 1-hour call with our lead designer we will create a  personalized mood board for your space, with all the product links included to purchase. 

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For our clients that already have a finished home or aren't looking to do any renovations, our interior decorating service is the perfect fit. With this furnishing and styling service, we select, source, receive, deliver and install all of the elements needed to turn your house into your dream home. 

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Are you considering a remodel or renovation? We happily partner with contractors and architects to create a seamless experience and help transform your space. This interior design offering goes beyond furnishings into hard surfaces, lighting plans, built ins and more. 

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